You know, he never said it!  The phrase is a part of popular culture, but if you sift through the 4 novels and 56 short stories written by Dr. John H. Watson, published by his literary agent Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, you will not find “Elementary, my dear Watson”, which is the name given to the figurine in the Literary Collection Piece “Sherlock Holmes – 221B Baker Street”. The closest that Holmes comes is to say “The answer, my dear Watson, is elementary”.


OK, I got that off my chest!


So, what about 221B Baker Street. Well, first off, that isn’t really the address of the house that Holmes (and sometimes Watson) rented from Mrs. Hudson. 221B is, today, the office of an insurance company on the corner of Baker Street and Marylebone Road in North East London. There is a plaque on the wall, and the company even had an office for the “Great Detective”. In 1987 the address was officially given to the Sherlock Holmes Museum, located just north of Marylebone Road, but again, that isn’t where Holmes lived. In the 1880’s Baker Street was much shorter than it is now, and the highest address was 85 Baker Street. It was not until 1930 that Baker Street was extended and 221B came into existence.

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221B Baker Street

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The Towne Crier


Watson was well known for making changes to streets and addresses, presumably to protect Holmes. However, in “The Empty House”, Watson gives a very detailed description of Camden House, which Holmes states is directly opposite the quarters that he and Watson shared. There are additional clues in “The Problem of Thor Bridge” which leads scholars to believe the actual address was likely on the south side of Marylebone Road in what is today 31 Baker Street. In Holmes time, before extending Baker Street, the number would have been 72 Baker Street.


The current 221 Baker Street is very similar in architecture to 31 Baker Street, and to the house described in the stories. The building is a 3 story (plus attic) Victorian house, built in 1815. The lower level is where Mrs. Hudson lived, with the upper floors reserved for Holmes and Watson.


If you ever get the opportunity to visit London, the Sherlock Holmes Museum is well worth a visit. There is a three story recreation of the apartments that Holmes and Watson shared, complete with wax figurines of Homes, Watson and other memorable characters. Just around the corner on Marylebone road are Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and the London Planetarium.

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