No games this year, just pure browsing and shopping. We will also have a short business meeting at some point during the day.

Hope to see you on the 15th!

Contact Leigh Wolfe  for questions.
Map and directions can be found on the back page.

By Leigh Wolfe

This year the Village Nuts’ Road Rally  will visit two of our Associate Dealers as well as a miniature shop. We will begin, for those who wish to join us, at the Bob Evans Restaurant at 2199 Riverside Drive. The restaurant is located on Riverside Drive south of Lane Avenue and north of Trabue Road; also across from the Scioto Country Club.

Members need to meet between 8:30 and 8:45 am for breakfast and then we will journey on to The Miniature Shop owned and operated by Linda Patterson. Her shop opens at 10:00 am and is our first stop. Curio Cabinet/Christmas Village and Rousch Hardware in Westerville are the Associate Dealers who are opening their doors to our club.             

Village Nuts Road Rally-September 15

The Village Nuts

The Towne Crier

Upcoming Events

¨ Road Rally—Saturday September 15, 2007

¨ Ronald McDonald House Setup—Saturday November 17, 2007

Central Ohio Department 56 Collectors Club

September, 2007

Village Nuts Summer Picnic

By Deborah Albertson


I wanted to extend a special thank you to Penney and Marc for hosting our annual picnic this year. In addition to nice shade to sit under and Marc’s fine cooking, they also provided set up for my demo and a wonderful dessert.


It was great to see Maggie at the picnic and we also appreciate her forethought to bring fans for under the tent. I would never have thought to bring fans but they provided great relief from the heat. We will remember them for future picnics.


I also would like to thank everyone for the great food and pleasant company. We

had a great time eating and visiting as well as conducting club affairs. What more could you want?

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